Seahorse Aquarium Paper Diorama

The Seahorse Paper Diorama project lets everyone enjoy the unique beauty of these amazing creatures.  Even if you can’t keep a cactus alive, these seahorses will thrive under your care. Continue reading→

Moorish Idol Aquarium Paper Diorama

The Moorish Idol Paper Diorama project can fire the imagination of a young oceanographer, or be a great school project.Continue reading→

Blue Tang Aquarium Paper Diorama

Everyone has had a school project sprung on them at the last minute.  You can save the day with The Blue Tang and Fire Shrimp Aquarium Paper Diorama project.  Continue reading→

Boxfish Aquarium Paper Diorama

Even a school project sprung on you at the last minute can be turned into a winner.  As you’ll see, The Boxfish Paper Diorama project can save the day.  Continue reading→