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Twelve Step Modular Terrain Board Success

Step 1 – in which we visualize the modular terrain boardThe first step in building a modular terrain board is to select a battlefield.  Then you visualize the terrain elements – grassy meadows,  water features, hills and valleys.  Remember, you want to be able to reconfigure the individual boards to create multiple boards.  Be careful […]

Three Will Get Cha Five With This Modular Terrain Board

We are always on the lookout for good terrain tutorials.  John, a self-described 40-something wargamer from Maryland, shows us how to build a solid modular terrain board.  This skirmish game terrain board is based on northern European landscape.  You can follow his exploits on his blog,  1000 Foot General.  PlanningCreating modularity while managing the number […]

The Killer Guide to Basing Large Figures

Large figures demand bases which show them to their full potential.  Whether you are working in 54mm scale, or 80mm scale or even larger, a scenic base caps off all of your hard work. Continue reading→

How We Created Terrain Wizard 2.5D RPG Tiles

When we were researching Role Playing Game (RPG) terrain for a post, we went straight to Dungeons and Dragons (DnD). The staff at Wizards of the North (WotN) created card sets as part of their original game offerings. At first Dungeon Masters (DM’s) used the cards to play out the encounters provided by WotN. Eventually, […]